Untouched Heroics is the true life-story of 95-year-old Tony Varone, an Italian immigrant raised in Brooklyn, New York who served in the United States Army from January 1941 until June 1945. Surviving eight campaigns as an infantryman in the Mediterranean and European Theatres of World War II, Tony escaped death and injury innumerable times, and saved a significant number of lives in the process. 

This historical and personal account draws on over 24 hours of author-recorded interviews to recreate the experience of sitting across from this inspirational man as he eloquently described the most memorable moments of his life. His story is a tribute to the millions of soldiers from wars throughout time whose stories have gone untold. It is the story of an ordinary person forced into extraordinary circumstance, of innocence, love, and resilience. Most of all, it is a human story about a monumental generation of whom less and less remain each day, that can be appreciated by the generations who have since benefited from their sacrifice.  

Readers will grow to intimately know Tony through quotes from his extensive personal memoirs, excerpts from over 100 sentimental letters written to his loved ones while in service, and many remarkable photographs and artifacts from his life.

Untouched Heroics is a story to be remembered.